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We regularly host events, including launches, signings, readings, and announcements of prizes. These are usually held in the shop in the early evenings, where you can enjoy a glass of wine with your launch speech, and take the opportunity for some after-hours browsing. We also sell books for events held at other venues.

Check below for upcoming events.

Book Launch: The Book of Stone (Coral Tulloch and Mark Greenwood)

The Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm, Wednesday October 30th

AmongWillows_coverWe are excited to be hosting the launch of The Book of Stone, illustrated by Coral Tulloch and written by Mark Greenwood.


Every stone has a story, the echo of a memory, a walk in the wilderness, a time and a place lived and loved. This book is about these stones. Every stone has its own unique story - and everybody needs a story stone and a book to collect it in! Together Coral and Mark have created a book that allows them to share the theme of geological wonder, solitude, special memories and places through stone.

Coral Tulloch has illustrated over 50 fiction and non-fiction books for children, in Australia and internationally. She was born in Melbourne and currently lives in Tasmania. Coral studied Fine Art and then animation in Sydney and had periods at studios, drawing in Florence, Italy and in lithography at The Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. Her work One Small Island, with co-author/illustrator Alison Lester, has won many awards including the 2012 CBCA Eve Pownall Award for Information Books.

Mark Greenwood is a history hunter. He enjoys searching for lost explorers and glittering treasure, delving into mysteries and solving famous cold cases. Most of all, he loves sharing the stories that he finds. Mark's books include The History Mystery series, Jandamarra with Terry Denton and Simpson and his Donkey with Frane Lessac. His award-winning books about Australia's history have been published around the world.

This is a free event and all are welcome.

Book Fair

Battery Point Community Hall, 52 Hampden Road, Battery Point, 9.00am - 3.00pm,

Saturday November 2nd

The Hobart Bookshop, in conjunction with Astrolabe Booksellers and Kookaburra Books & Antiques, is excited to invite you to a special second-hand book fair, where you'll find thousands of treats and treasures.

This is a free event and all are welcome.

Book Launch: Forgotten Corners (Pete Hay)

The Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm, Wednesday November 6th


We are delighted to be hosting the launch, by Geordie Williamson, of Pete Hay's Forgotten Corners: Essays in Search of an Island's Soul, published by Walleah Press.

'One of Tasmania’s great, distinctive voices. Pete Hay illuminates the island in remarkable fashion, enriching our understanding of its history, culture, politics and environment.'
Tim Bonyhady.

'Pete Hay is pre-eminent among the guardians of Tasmania’s island’s spirit, his fierce intelligence and compassionate heart resisting those who would ravage, exploit and appropriate its natural beauty, cultural creativity and fraught history for profit and power. Animals and ancestors, people and plants, the lost and the loved, the humus and the human, the artist and the artefact, the books and the birds, the sadness and the stillness, the past and the possible, the humour and the horror all find voice in Forgotten Corners.

For Pete Hay, home matters. He might be descended from a Point Puer boy and be the son of a legend of the 2/40th Battalion, the ‘Tasmanian’ battalion, but he does not to claim belonging as a birthright: “You don’t inherit place”, he tells us, “you commit to it”.'
James Boyce.

This is a free event and all are welcome.

Book Launch: How to Belong (Anne Collins)

The Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm, Wednesday November 20th


We are pleased to be hosting the launch, by Helen Swain, of Anne Collins' new collection of poetry, How to Belong.

‘Aristotle argued that as we mature, we act less aimlessly and more purposefully. How to Belong explores a myriad of ways we might approach this “good life”. Suggestive rather than instructive, Anne Collins does not ask anything of us that she does not ask of herself; diligent and compassionate in her self-reflection on being and belonging in her/our cultural, political and familial landscapes. With immediacy of language and vivid imagery these poems cast an ever-widening circle of light on matters that are at once particular and universal, of the times and timeless.'
Jane Williams

This is a free event and all are welcome.

Book Launch: The Pakana Voice (Jim Everett-puralia meenamatta and Dr Ian Broinowski)

The Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm, Thursday November 28th


We are excited to be hosting the launch of Jim Everett-puralia meenamatta and Dr Ian Broinowski's The Pakana Voice.

This is a book about newspapers and the power of the press to sway opinion. The main narrative voice is that of W.C., a somewhat hapless war correspondent, posted to Tasmania to cover the conflict between the Pakana people of Lutruwita and the British, in the years 1814 to 1856.

In the hope of learning more about the aboriginal people of Lutruwita he befriended Rialim, a man of the Moomairremener clan of the Paredarerme (Oyster Bay) Nation. He then met Lowana, a strong, intelligent and captivating woman with whom he fell deeply and hopelessly in love with. He resumed his profession, but his contact with the Moomairremener led him to break the cardinal rule of war journalism: he took sides.

W.C.’s perspective on these events is not without its biases. He tries to temper his feelings as he shares with us letters, articles and opinion pieces from his collection. He includes of his own postings under the byline The Pakana Voice, in which he encourages his readers to see what is not being reported in the conventional press.

Despite technology with its fancy gadgets, little has changed in two centuries of media and its influence over the minds of people, W.C.’s words still ring true: ‘I fear the old adage that we learn from history is indeed a misnomer’.

This is a free event and all are welcome.

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