This section combines gardening and architecture, and includes books on sustainable building and gardening, organic gardening, DIY building, and other environmentally conscious lifestyle choices.

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Turning The Tide On PlasticCover Image, The Bee Book

Lucy Siegle
Trapeze Books
ISBN 9781409182986
Hardback 2018
Price $AU 29.99
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Turning The Tide On Plastic is here just in time. Journalist, broadcaster and eco lifestyle expert Lucy Siegle provides a powerful call to arms to end the plastic pandemic along with the tools we need to make decisive change. It is a clear-eyed, authoritative and accessible guide to help us to take decisive and effective personal action.

Low Tox Life: A Handbook for a Healthy You and a Happy PlanetCover Image, Low Tox Life

Alexx Stuart
Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781760631925
Paperback 2018
Price $AU 35.00
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Ever stopped to read the list of ingredients in the products you use every day? In Low Tox Life, activist and educator Alexx Stuart gently clears a path through the maze of mass-market ingredient cocktails, focusing on four key areas: Body, Home, Food and Mind. Sharing the latest science and advice from experts in each area, Alexx tackles everything from endocrine-disruptors in beauty products to the challenge of going low plastic in a high-plastic world, and how to clean without a hit of harmful toxins. You don't need to be a fulltime homesteader with a cupboard full of organic linens to go low tox. Start small, switching or ditching one nasty at a time, and enjoy the process as a positive one for you and the planet.

Waste Not: Make a Big Difference by Throwing Away LessCover Image, Waste Not

Erin Rhoades
Hardie Grant Books
ISBN 9781743794623
Paperback 2018
Price $AU 29.99
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The one book you need to reduce waste at home and in everyday life. We need to talk about waste. Shrink-wrapped vegies, disposable coffee cups, clothes and electronics designed to be upgraded every year: we are surrounded by stuff that we often use once and then throw away. Each year Australian households produce enough rubbish to fill a three-bedroom home, including thousands of dollars worth of food and an ever-increasing amount of plastic, which takes hundreds of years to break down and often ends up in our oceans or our food chain. But what to do about such a huge problem? Is it just the price we pay for the conveniences of modern life? What if it were possible to have it both ways - to live a modern life with less waste?

Backyard ChickensCover Image, The Bee Book

David Ingham
Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781743367537
Hardback 2017
Price $AU 35.00
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A fantastic new reference title for those considering backyard poultry.  Chickens are great backyard pets for young and old - they're a natural extension for everyone with a vegie patch, and for those who like eggs but are concerned about the welfare of commercial hens. Dave Ingham offers advice on how to start, including the housing and feeding, and settling of chickens with other pets.

'This book is the what for, how to, where and why of chickens for novices and wranglers alike.' - Costa Georgiadis, ABC Gardening Australia

The Bee BookCover Image, The Bee Book

Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 9780241217429
Hardback 2016
Price $AU 40.00
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Featuring over 80 self-contained projects, from growing your own food organically, cooking home-grown produce, keeping selected livestock, and leading a more sustainable lifestyle, this down-to-earth yet practical guide is the perfect start for someone looking to go 'green'. Offers urban, suburban and rural projects.

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