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Draft No.4: On the Writing ProcessCover Image, How to be a Writer

John McPhee
Text Publishing
ISBN 9781925603651
Trade Paperback 2017
Price $AU 29.99
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The long-awaited guide to writing long-form non-fiction by the legendary author and teacher.  In Draft No. 4 John McPhee shares insights he has gathered over his long career, and has refined while teaching at Princeton University, where he has nurtured some of the most highly regarded writers of our time. He discusses structure, diction and tone, observing that `readers are not supposed to notice the structure. It is meant to be about as visible as someone’s bones'.

This book is a vivid depiction of the writing process, enriched by personal reflections on the life of a writer. Everything in this luminous book is enlivened by McPhee’s keen sense of writing as a way of being in the world.

Style Manual: For authors, editors, printers 6th edCover Image, How to be a Writer

John Wiley
ISBN 9780701636487
Paperback 2002
Price $AU 49.99
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This is an essential book for people in the world of publishing, whether for government agencies or in a publishing house.  The sixth edition of the Style Manual provides guidance and detailed advice on publishing in both print and electronic formats, and represents a substantial revision in response to the rapid and extensive changes that have occurred in publishing.

Best practices in design, editing, production and writing are all in the Style Manual, and its reputation as an outstanding Australian reference still stands for the best and most effective communication for print.

How to be a WriterCover Image, How to be a Writer

John Birmingham
ISBN 9781742234847
Paperback 2016
Price $AU 24.99
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Most novelists attempt to write their first novels in small snatches of time-a few hours here, a few hours there. This book is designed to accommodate this writing approach, featuring a combination of exercises, how-to instruction, and motivational passages to keep writers moving forward every time they sit down to write. For fiction writers of all skill levels and genres.This book(full title being: How to be a Writer: Who Smashes Deadlines, Crushes Editors and Lives in a Solid Gold Hovercraft) is goal-oriented, helping writers meet certain benchmarks as they work toward completing their novels.

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