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Aperture Conversations

Cover Image Photography Visionaries

Melissa Harris & Various
Aperture Foundation
ISBN 9780500544006
Paperback 2018
Price $AU 49.99
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Aperture Conversations presents a selection of interviews highlighting critical dialogue between photographers, esteemed critics, curators, editors, and artists from 1985 to the present day. Emerging talent and well-established photographers discuss their work openly, and examine the future of the medium. This book celebrates the artist's voice, collaborations, and the photography community at large.

The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Photography

Cover Image, Thames and Hudson

Nathalie Herschdorfer
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500544990
Paperback 2018
Price $AU 55.00
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Here is a comprehensive, accessible and authoritative illustrated reference to the history, art and science of photography. In one single, elegant volume, it features over 300 iconic photographs and contains more than 1,200 concise yet fully detailed entries on all aspects of the subject. Though much information can today be found online, locating it takes time and sources can have questionable provenance and uncertain academic credentials. All previous dictionaries of photography are now outdated, as well, focusing either on the famous and influential practitioners of the genre or presented as mere glossaries of technical terms.

Robert Rauschenberg: Photographs 1949-1962

Cover Image Photography Visionaries

Nicholas Cullinan
Thames and Hudson
ISBN 9780500544006
Hardback 2011
Price $AU 80.00
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Robert Rauschenberg's engagement with photography began in the late 1940s under the tutelage of Aaron Siskind and Hazel Larsen Archer at Black Mountain College in North Carolina. Their combined influence was so great that for a time Rauschenberg was unsure whether to pursue painting or photography as a career. Instead he chose both. This volume gathers and surveys Rauschenberg's numerous uses of photography for the first time. It includes portraits of friends, studio shots, photographs used in the "Combines" series, silkscreens, photographs of lost works and works in progress, allowing us to re-imagine almost the entirety of the artists work in light of his always inventive uses of photography, while also supplying previously unseen glimpses into his social nexus of the 1950s and 60s.

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