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Nordic: A Photographic Essay of Landscapes, Food and People

Cover Image Photography Visionaries

Magnus Nilsson
ISBN 9780714872377
Hardback 2016
Price $AU 39.95
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Given his first camera at the age of six, celebrated Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson (of Noma) has been taking photographs for over twenty-five years. As part of his research for The Nordic Cookbook, Magnus travelled extensively throughout the Nordic countries, not only collecting recipes but also photographing the landscape, food and people. These beautiful photographs - spontaneous moments that just happened to unfold around him - capture the true spirit of the Nordic lands.

Michael Freeman's Photo School: Portrait

Cover Image Photography Visionaries

Michael Freeman
ISBN 9781908150950
Paperback 2013
Price $AU 35.95
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At some point, all photographers are called upon to shoot a proper portrait combining technical skill with personable demeanour to capture someone in their best possible light. Michael Freeman teaches you how to achieve flattering portrait results with a variety of both traditional and modern styles. Learn how to set your subjects at ease and bring out their natural beauty with a friendly yet professional attitude. Feel confident giving directions on posing and stance with a thorough review of the classic approaches, from head-and-shoulder shots to full-length compositions, and everything in between. The complex science of photographic lighting is explained in straightforward and easy-to-understand language, with abundant and inspirational examples. Finally, master the fundamentals of post-production finishing techniques to make sure every portrait looks its absolute best. 

Robert Rauschenberg: Photographs 1949-1962

Cover Image Photography Visionaries

Nicholas Cullinan
Thames and Hudson
ISBN 9780500544006
Hardback 2011
Price $AU 80.00
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Robert Rauschenberg's engagement with photography began in the late 1940s under the tutelage of Aaron Siskind and Hazel Larsen Archer at Black Mountain College in North Carolina. Their combined influence was so great that for a time Rauschenberg was unsure whether to pursue painting or photography as a career. Instead he chose both. This volume gathers and surveys Rauschenberg's numerous uses of photography for the first time. It includes portraits of friends, studio shots, photographs used in the "Combines" series, silkscreens, photographs of lost works and works in progress, allowing us to re-imagine almost the entirety of the artists work in light of his always inventive uses of photography, while also supplying previously unseen glimpses into his social nexus of the 1950s and 60s.

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