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We regularly host events, including launches, signings, readings, and announcements of prizes. These are usually held in the shop in the early evenings, where you can enjoy a glass of wine with your launch speech, and take the opportunity for some after-hours browsing. We also sell books for events held at other venues.

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Book Launch: Word Fall (Betty McKenzie-Tubb)

Cover Image, The Netted Air

The Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm, Thursday April 12th

We were delighted to host the launch of Betty McKenzie-Tubb's new collection of poetry, Word Fall.

'Word Fall demonstrates Betty McKenzie-Tubb’s love and mastery of language in very accessible poems written in various styles. The book also reveals the poet’s wisdom, compassion and her wry, often self-deprecating sense of humour. The collection is arranged in three sections: Loss and Love, With Serious Intent and Froth and Bubble. I was moved to tears, deep contemplation or laughter as I read these poems that have arisen from a rich and well-lived life.’ - Robyn Mathison.

‘The poems in Word Fall capture Betty McKenzie-Tubb’s refreshing and warm hearted style. In a voice both unafraid and elegant, she offers her wit and wisdom with open hands. Curiosity, understanding and insight are crafted into disciplined lines provoking laugher or deep reflections. We travel with the writer as she gleans and gathers stories from each facet of her round and ready life. This precious collection is both moving and uplifting.’ - Elizabeth Goodsir.

Book Launch: The Big Rort (Barry Weston)

Cover Image, The Netted Air

The Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm, Wednesday April 4th

We were excited to host the launch, by Jennifer Marshall, of Barry Weston's new book, The Big Rort.

Frank Cousins is the owner and sole employee of the Tasmanian Private Investigation Agency and, as his dear old mother said, 'occasionally his own worst enemy'. Frank is hired by a London based solicitor to find the twin sister of his client in Hobart. It starts out as an easy-peasy, money for jam case that turns nasty. Then the lost love of his life calls upon him to assist her brother who looks like going down for the brutal murder of his pregnant partner. Of course, Frank takes on the case. But, as with most of Frank's life, all is not what it first appears. Smuggled heroin, a handful of murders and coming face to face with Joe Shadii was not what Frank had anticipated in trying to win back his lost love.

The Big Rort is the second in the Tasmanian Private Investigation Agency series; the first, The Long Con, was published in 2017.

Book Launch: The Netted Air (Anne Kellas)

Cover Image, The Netted Air

The Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm, Thursday March 15th

We were delighted to host the launch, by Sarah Day, of Anne Kellas's collection of poetry, The Netted Air.

The delicate little chapbook is part of the "Picaro Poets" series published by Ginninderra Press, and gives a snapshot of Kellas's work.
Anne Kellas is an Australian poet living in Tasmania. Born in South Africa, Anne has lived in England, Swaziland and, for the past 30 years, in Australia. Her book, The White Room Poems was shortlisted for the Margaret Scott Prize in 2017. She writes full time, and has taught poetry at tertiary level. She regularly holds poetry workshops, edits and reviews books and mentors poets.
You can read more about Anne Kellas at her website.

Book Launch: Running out of Entropy (Tim Thorne)

Cover Image, Wish You Were Here

The Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm, Thursday March 1st

We were very pleased to host the launch, by Jane Williams, of Tim Thorne's new collection of poetry, Running out of Entropy, published by Walleah Press.

This is Tim Thorne's fifteenth collection of poetry. Over a career spanning more than fifty years, he has won a number of prizes, including the Stanford Writing Scholarship (1971), New Poetry Award (1973), Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship (1978), Gleebooks Poetry Sprint (1995), grant and fellowships from Australia Council (1975, '77, '78 and '79), from Arts Tasmania (1986 and '92), and from the Eleanor Dark Foundation (1993), Launceston Poetry Cup (2006, '08), William Baylebridge Award (2007), Christopher Brennan Award (2012) and the Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize (2014).
He has twice been a finalist in the National Poetry Slam, was Director of the Tasmanian Poetry Festival from 1985 to 2001, and is a life member of the Tasmanian Writers' Centre.
You can find a link to footage from the launch, of Tim reading his poetry, on our 'Launch speeches and archives' page.

Book Event: The Styx (Patricia Holland)

The Hobart Bookshop, 10.00am-1.00pm, Saturday January 6th

Cover Image, StyxThe Hobart Bookshop were pleased to welcome Patricia Holland for signings of her debut novel, The Styx.

Sophie can't walk or talk, but behind her disability hides a keen intelligence. Living on The Styx River cattle station with her father and a nanny, Sophie is acutely aware that she is a non-person. Sophie feels as voiceless and isolated as the wallabies of The Wall, an eerie wilderness of basalt lava tubes forming a natural stone labyrinth that protects its remote lushness from anyone foolish enough to wander in. Sophie's father and his "cronies" plot to build a multi-million dollar tourist resort in The Wall. The development will only go ahead if the rare wallabies are already extinct. But they don't realise Sophie has heard their plans to hire roo shooters to help nature along. With the aid of computer technology, a desperate Sophie writes Silent Scream, an anonymous blog that reveals the threat. When scientists commissioned to find evidence of the wallabies' existence go missing, the rescuers appeal to Silent Scream for help. Raising awareness is one thing, but how can one impossibly disabled girl, who can barely help herself, help save the lives of others?

This Australian-set novel will appeal to lovers of gothic noir and dystopian fiction.

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