Launch speeches and archives

We've hosted some wonderful launches over the years, with many fabulous launch speeches: some moving, some hilarious, some surprising. We would like to be able to keep records of these events, and so from time to time we will upload new things here.

We sincerely thank those who have been so generous as to allow us to archive their launch speeches here.


 Video of Tim Thorne reading from his new poetry collection, Running Out of Entropy, at our launch on 1/3/18. Thanks to Giles Hugo for the footage.

On 24/09/15 to celebrate the release of Tim Flannery's new book Atmosphere of Hope, Hobart Bookshop presented him in conversation with Bob Brown. 

The launch speech, by Mrs Frances Underwood, for Susanna Hoe's Tasmania: Women, History, Books and Places. (PDF Version) From 25/11/10.