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Patchwork and Quilting: A Maker's GuideCover Image, Patchwork and Quilting

Thames & Hudson
ISBN  9780500293263
Paperback 2017
Price $AU 35.00
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A practical guide to patchwork and quilting, inspired by craft traditions from across the globe, and the first volume in the Maker's Guides series from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic ArtisansCover Image, Clay

Amber Creswell Bell & Keith Brymer Jones
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500500729
Hardback 2016
Price $AU 60.00
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Once upon a time pottery schools saw an increase in enrollments whenever the film Ghost aired on television. Today it is all year round. Not since the 1970s has there been this level of interest and appreciation for pottery and ceramics. The return to the handmade has been driven by our increasingly digital lives and there are now more makers, sellers and collectors than ever. There is also a new desire for unique objects made by hand and the imperfections associated with the marks of the maker. Pottery is the vehicle that most aptly captures this authenticity. From decorative pieces to the primarily functional to sculptural works pushing the boundaries of the medium, Clay surveys the richly creative output of over 50 studio potters from around the world.

Encore! The New ArtisansCover Image, Encore

Olivier Dupon
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500517758
Hardback 2015
Price $AU 55.00
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'Craft' is no longer a trend; it is now an enshrined aspect of modern life. This sequel to Olivier Dupon's bestselling The New Artisans, the book that began it all showcases 60 new makers whose creations will inspire and delight. The book is divided into two sections for ease of reference. The first profiles the artisans in easy-to-follow alphabetical order, while the second part consists of a directory of products, neatly divided into categories.

Tate Watercolour Manual: Lessons from the Great MastersCover Image, Tate Watercolour Manual

Joyce Townsend & Tony Smibert
Tate Publishing
ISBN 9781849760881
Paperback 2014
Price $AU 29.95
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A classic medium, watercolor is practiced by many but mastered by few. This accessible and clear workbook is both a practical guide and an informative history. Beginning with a "1-day course," the chapters cover technique, equipment, general theory, painting plein air, and conservation. The authors also examine the work of watercolor masters, among them Claude Lorrain, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, John Constable, J. M. W. Turner, and John Ruskin. Each chapter includes photographs and helpful examples of works in progress, explanations of methods, and how-to demonstrations.

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