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Val Whatley's Tasmania

Cover Image, Warhol

Compiled and published by Bob Brown
ISBN 9781636253015
Hardback 2020
Price $AU 74.95
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Collated by Bob Brown, with a tribute from Paul A.C. Richards AM, the short text traces Val’s life as an artist and wilderness adventurer and advocate. Professionally photographed in three states, this is a superb collection from Val’s life and times. From the Franklin River’s Great Ravine to the quietness of Lake Marion and the Guardians, to the vibrant still-life portrayals of flowers from her garden, this is a Val’s stunning tribute to the beauty of Tasmania. Quotes from Val’s writings accompany the paintings.

Only 300 copies of this limited edition book are being printed (here in Tasmania).


Cover Image, Warhol

David Coles
Thames and Hudson
ISBN 9781760760618
Paperback 2020
Price $AU 34.99
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This popular book is now available in softcover. Find out the origins of colour, from grinding down beetles and burning animal bones to alchemy and serendipity, David Coles reveals the origin stories of over 50 of history's most extraordinary pigments.

Warhol - A Life as Art

Blake Gopnick
Cover Image, WarholAllen Lane
ISBN 9780241003381
Hardback 2020
Price $AU 69.99
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Blake Gopnik has spent six years researching Warhol's life and art and reveals a life of contrasts and deliberate artifice hiding great depths. Filled with new insights into the development and impact of Warhol's art and his personality, Warhol asks- was he a joke or a genius, a radical or a social climber? As Warhol would have answered- Yes.

Fugitive History: The Art of Julie GoughCover Image, Australia

Julie Gough
UWA Publishing
ISBN 9781742585581 
Paperback 2018
Price $AU 60.00
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Fugitive History: The Art of Julie Gough celebrates Gough’s artistic practice through a remarkable diversity of form and approach, from sculpture to installations and film. Her artistic output is impressive, and her work internationally recognised. This monograph enables a wider view of an intense project of art making over more than two decades.  Julie has lived in Tasmania since 1993 and can trace her matriarchal Aboriginal family line to Tebrikunna, far north eastern Tasmania, where ancestor Woretemoeteyenner, also known as Margaret and Bung, one of the four daughters of east coast leader, Mannalargenna, was born around 1797.

John OlsenCover Image, John Olsen

Darleen Bungey
ABC Books
ISBN 9780733331138
Hardback 2014
Price $AU 59.99
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Joint winner of the 2015 Prime Minister's Literary Awards for Non-Fiction This landmark biography by Darleen Bungey, the author of the celebrated biography of Arthur Boyd, graphically depicts the forces that drove John Olsen to become one of the country's greatest artists. An exhilarating book, both trenchant and tender, it strips away the veneer of showmanship and fame to show the substance of a painter driven by a need to depict his country's landscape as Australians had never seen it before. Given access to his uncensored diaries and drawing on years of extensive interviews with both Olsen and those who have known him best, she explores his passionate life and follows his navigation though the friendships, rivalries and politics of the Australian art world.

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