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Drawing and PaintingCover Image, Jellyfish

Kate Wilson
Thames & Hudson
Genre: Art
ISBN 9780500293164
Paperback 2017
Price $AU 45.00
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Drawing and Painting encompasses drawing, sketching and a range of painting styles, covering everything from pen and ink to oils and acrylics. Specially commissioned photography and artwork accompany step-by-step techniques, and profiles of contemporary artists give insight into various working methods, materials and techniques: the growing interest in digital tools as a medium is also acknowledged, and information is provided on how effects can be created using Smart Pens, tablets and apps.

Buns in the Oven: John Olsen's Bakery Art SchoolCover Image, Art Making

Juliet Schlunke
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500500651      
Hardback 2016
Price $AU 49.99
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John Olsen's Bohemian art school, The Bakery Art School, was a uniquely exciting arts institution that deserves to be better known. Established in an old bakery building in Sydney's Paddington in 1967, the school ran until 1970. In this book about Olsen and the school, Juliet Schlunke, a former student, eloquently captures the mood of the late hippy era in Sydney and the influence of John Olsen on a generation of young artists. Olsen's teaching methods are discussed, as well as his life-drawing classes and his preparation of lunches for students and visitors including William Drysdale, Bill Rose, Fred Williams, Janet Dawson, Rudy Komon, Peter Upward, Clif Pugh, Robert Walker and Ann Thomson.

The Extraordinary Life and Times of J M W TurnerCover Image, Art Making

Franny Moyle
ISBN 9780670922697      
Hardback 2016
Price $AU 59.99
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Set against this spectacular and ultimately controversial career, Moyle excavates the private Turner. Psychologically wounded as a child, by a family torn apart by death and mental illness, she suggests a man who could not embrace relationships fully until the very end of his life. Only then did he succumb to his love for the widowed Sophia Booth, concealing this all too human aspect of his life behind an assumed identity.  Moyle mines the poignancy of his final years, when, with his health ailing, Turner sought solace in a secret private life that had eluded him before and that he knew would scandalise the new generation of Victorians.

A Bigger Message: Conversations with David HockneyCover Image, Bigger Message

Martin Gayford
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500292259     
Trade Paperback 2016
Price $AU 35.00
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David Hockney is possibly the world's most popular living painter, but he is also something else: an incisive and original thinker on art. Here are the fruits of his lifelong meditations on the problems and paradoxes of representing a three-dimensional world on a flat surface. How does drawing make one 'see things clearer, and clearer, and clearer still', as Hockney suggests? What significance do different media - from a Lascaux cave wall to an iPad - have for the way we see? What is the relationship between the images we make and the reality around us? How have changes in technology affected the way artists depict the world? The conversations are punctuated by wise and witty observations from both parties on numerous other artists and enlivened by shrewd insights into the contrasting social and physical landscapes of California, where Hockney lives, and Yorkshire, his birthplace. 

Margaret PrestonCover Image, Margaret Preston

Deborah Edwards
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500500682
Hardback 2016
Price $AU 80.00
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Bearing 'the conspicuous mark of talent' from an early age, the fiercely independent and opinionated Margaret Preston is one of Australia's most innovative early modernists. Even in her earliest works, her restless experimentation, ambitions and independence of thought governed a desire to interpret rather than emulate what she saw, to exact essential principles. From the 1920s Preston moved rapidly to the forefront of Australian progressive art, producing a body of work that has remained crucially important to the traditions of Australian art.In this revised edition of the Preston monograph, featuring a new introduction, curator Deborah Edwards looks in detail at the life and art of this extraordinary artist from the mid-1890s in Adelaide to her life in Sydney in 1963. Also featuring a CD-ROM catalogue raisonne of paintings, monotypes and ceramics, this richly-illustrated monograph is unrivalled in its scope.

The Essential Cy TwomblyCover Image, Cy Twombly

Simon Schama
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500093856
Hardback 2014
Price $AU 100.00
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Cy Twombly created art that was remarkable for its versatility, sensitivity and originality. Throughout his career, he followed his own artistic pathway, independent from contemporary trends, and for a long time his work went unnoticed by a wider audience. By the time of his death in Rome, at the age of eighty-three, he was internationally recognized as one of the greatest and most idiosyncratic artists of the 20th and early 21st century. At an early stage, he began to develop his own symbolic language of letters and words, which suggested a pictorial form of poetry. References from art, history and mythology soon expanded this poetic vocabulary, often combined with a sensual engagement with the painted surface. This book provides an authoritative overview of Twombly's complex body of work, bringing together the most important of his paintings and painting cycles, as well as a selection of his drawings, sculptures and photographs.

The Hollow in the Handcover image hollow of the hand

PJ Harvey & Seamus Murphy
ISBN 9781408865736
Hardback 2015
Price $AU 35.00
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Between 2011 and 2014 PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy set out on a series of journeys together to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Washington DC. Harvey collected words, Murphy collected pictures, and together they have created an extraordinary chronicle of our life and times. The Hollow of the Hand marks the first publication of Harvey's powerful poetry, in conversation with Murphy's indelible images. As PJ Harvey says: 'Gathering information from secondary sources felt too far removed for what I was trying to write about. I wanted to smell the air, feel the soil and meet the people of the countries I was fascinated with. Following our work on Let England Shake, my friend Seamus Murphy and I agreed to grow a project together lead by our instincts on where we should go.' Seamus Murphy adds: 'Polly is a writer who loves images and I am a photographer who loves words. Our relationship began a few years ago when she asked me if I would like to take some photographs and make some films for her last album Let England Shake. I was intrigued and the adventure began, now finding another form in this book. It is our look at home and the world.' 

The Book of the Dogcover image dog

Angus Hyland & Kendra Wilson
Laurence King Publishing
ISBN 9781780676562
Hardback 2015
Price $AU 28.00
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Featuring all kinds of dogs big, small, graceful, cute, funny The Book of the Dog is a cool and quirky collection of dog art and illustration by artists around the world. Interspersed through the illustrations are short texts about the artists and different breeds, paying homage to man's best friend. Beautifully designed and packaged, the book will appeal to dog lovers of all ages.

Agnes Martin: Her Life and Artcover image agnes martin

Nancy Princenthal
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500093900
Hardback 2015
Price $AU 55.00
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Over the course of a career that spanned fifty years, Agnes Martin's austere, serene work anticipated and helped to define Minimalism even as she battled psychological crises and carved out a solitary existence in the American Southwest. "I paint with my back to the world", she claimed, when she died at ninety-two in Taos, New Mexico. It is said she had not read a newspaper in half a century. Nancy Princenthal tells her whole story chronologically from Martin's birth in Saskatchewan and her early years as an artist living in derelict Manhattan shipping lofts; to the seven years she stopped painting, just as her career was taking off. She reveals the months she spent roaming the country in a pick-up truck through to her last thirty years, in Taos, in an adobe house she built with her own hands. Nancy Princenthal has written the essential Agnes Martin biography; a must-read for anyone interested in abstract painting or the history of female artists in America.

Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on ArtCover Image, Keeping an Eye Open

Julian Barnes
Random House
ISBN 9780224102018 
Hardback 2015
Price $AU 45.00
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Julian Barnes began writing about art with a chapter on Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa in his 1989 novel A History of the World in 101/2 Chapters. Since then he has written a series of remarkable essays , chiefly about French artists, which trace the story of how art made its way from Romanticism to Realism and into Modernism. Fully illustrated in colour throughout, Keeping an Eye Open contains Barnes' essays on Gericault, Delacroix, Courbet, Manet, Fantin-Latour, Cezanne, Degas, Redon, Bonnard, Vuillard, Vallotton, Braque, Magritte, Oldenburg, Howard Hodgkin and Lucian Freud.

ClothBound: Iconic Fabric DesignsCover Image, ClothBound

Julie Paterson
Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781743362921   
Hardback 2015
Price $AU 59.99
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For over 20 years, Julie Paterson, founder of ClothFabric, has been designing and printing contemporary textiles by hand. Her iconic patterns, inspired by and connected to the Australian landscape, have been applied to furnishings, rugs and wallpapers and sold the world over. ClothBound is the story of Julie's most significant and well loved designs, and offers a very intimate insight into the creative process of a much loved artist, designer and maker at work in her shed.

Australian NotebooksCover image, Australian Notebooks

Betty Churcher
Miegunyah Press
ISBN 9780522864199
Paperback 2014
Price $AU 44.99
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In Australian Notebooks, Betty Churcher revisits some of the artworks she most cherishes;a seminal Picasso, early works of the Heidelberg School, a striking portrait by Lucian Freud; and invites us to look afresh at the treasures that can be found in Australian galleries. Taking in the glorious work of Australian artists such as John Olsen, Arthur Boyd and Sidney Nolan, as well as masterpieces by Paul Czanne, Henri Matisse and Giambattista Tiepolo, through her own accomplished skteches Betty draws out the particular charm and context of each piece. Interwoven with extraordinary stories; one canvas flew off the back of a truck on the Pacific Highway; another was imported from Imperial Russia, paid for with a briefcase full of cash; Betty's engaging insights bring the artworks to life. With gorgeous full-colour reproductions, this is a book to turn to again and again for inspiration, solace and delight.

Vitamin D2: New Perspectives in DrawingCover image, Vitamin D2

Phaidon Editors
ISBN 9780714865287
Hardback 2013
Price $AU 79.95
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An up-to-the-minute survey of contemporary drawing featuring 115 artists from around the world, Vitamin D2 allows the reader to look at the medium in detail and study drawing's unique properties in relation to itself, to contemporary art and to the world at large. Phaidon's influential Vitamin series began in 2002, offering an overview of current practice in a single medium within the arts. Vitamin D2 presents the work of 115 artists who are currently emerging on the world stage, have become established since the first volume was published in 2005, or who have made a significant contribution to the medium of drawing in this time. With the participating artists from more than forty countries, each artist's entry is accompanied by a text written by one of forty-five prominent critics, journalists, academics and curators.

Traditional techniques are matched by new approaches, often pushing the boundaries of drawing into collage, towards painting, sculpture, architecture, illustration, animation, performance and beyond. A broad range of genres, styles and subjects is evident in diverse forms, from drawings that fit in the palm of the hand to works that cover an entire courtyard. Vitamin D2 reflects the vitality and energy of current drawing, demonstrating that artists continue to consider drawing an essential vehicle for addressing and interacting with the world today.

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